Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just call me Betty Crocker #2

I have been baking it seems like
I had 3 bakin' projects to do today (that NEEDED to get done today)
I have also yet to TRY any of my creations... don't worry its still early

#1 Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pie
recipe found HERE 
My mom requested that her birthday "cake" be chocolate peanut butter... Well Madonna Inn and Doc Bernstein's wouldn't email me back or answer my calls so I took matter's into my own hands...
(straight up dark chocolate... yes please)

(no you do not get to see the finished product yet...because my mom snoops! he he he)

#2 Texas Fudge Cake
recipe found HERE
Well I had forgotten that I had signed up to make a dessert for the missionary zone conference for tomorrow... and this is what I had to make... I have no idea how it turned out but it smelled great... Thats a good sign right?
(meh... I don't know how excited I am about it... but I'm not going to be eating it... anyone ever had it before?)

#3 Cake Batter Truffles
recipe found HERE 
Oh my heaven's.... ever since I read the name of these I have been DYING to make them... and since I was absent from Sunday School last week (and I usually bring my kids treats... sue me)... I decided that these would be what my (good) kids would be gettin'.
(its a party in a bowl!)
(these babies smell just like main street usa at disneyland)

If you are just catchin' up on my blog today fear not I already posted awkward and awesome's... these little beauties just make today extra awesome.


The Ponycats said...

If you taste the truffles you have to tell us how they were, they look amazing!!
I feel like a bad person because of how much I enjoy the awkward part of awkward and awesome hahaha but come on the last story?? and moobs?? I laughed out loud!
ps. thank you for visiting our blog!
-Sandra Ponycat

MellyB said...

Whoa, I want to come over to your house. I had chips and salsa for dinner and hung out with two of my favorite dudes (Ben, Jerry. know them) for dessert. So my family hasn't seen any effort in the kitchen for days. Can we all come?