Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Early Awkward and Awesome

(this is about as big as one of my purses...)

So you guys... I'm packing up to go and see husband tomorrow. I know I know- why was I being such a baby about him being gone... blah di blah di blah.... so happy I made it to today! Whats up with the $25 charge to check in your BAG!?!?! BOO TSA... BOO. My bag is currently empty because.... A. I haven't decided which bag to take. B. Husband said I HAVE to take a carry on so they don't charge me to check it in (UM... Husband... HAVE YOU SEEN MY CLOSET?)  I am now contiplating mailing all my clothing to myself via FedEx like Becky Bloomwood in "Confessions of a Shopaholic"- it sounds very tempting right about now...
(1 of 4 "sections" of the closet...and don't even get me started on the un-matching hangers... I'm workin' on it)

And because its Thursday in some parts of the world...

-Having a guy sit next to you in class and I sneezed almost the entire time which was awkward in and of itself but I had to move seats ... What do you say? "Um excuse me but I think I am allergic to you I need to move"
-Then... this guy with the worst breath ever sat next to me the very next class... I can't catch a break
-When I wrote this girls name on the books at work as "Guadalupe Lupe"... where has my brain been this week?
-When you go to a cheap nail salon and all the people there are speaking in a different language than you and they are laughing and you can't tell if they are laughing about you or not- There is nothing wrong with my feet ok
-That all of a sudden the missionaries look like babies to me- You graduated in 2010??? Where have I been!?!?!?
-WARNGING these next 2 may be TMI: That time when we were away on vacation and my sister went back to our beach house (with the car) and then a member of my family (who shall remain nameless) decided that she needed to go #2 right away and she didn't want to use the bathrooms at the beach so we walked all the way back to the beach house (thinking my sister would still be there) and it was locked! This member of my family was "about to die" apparently because she pooped in a McDonald's cup in the outside shower at the beach house and I had to get her some leaves as "toilet paper"... I cried I was laughing so hard. I about died when she put the lid on it and threw it in the trash can too...
-This one is Devin's... so he is in C.O. doing a training class and his very first day of class there is this old civilian there and the dude was having very loud flatulence (aka farting) during the entire class and he made no recognition that anything was happening and everyone was trying to move away from him. Husband said "Its very distracting!" I am immature so I would have been rolling on the floor laughing.

-I get to see my husband tomorrow!!! ...
-Which means flying on a plane and looking through SKYMALL
-My cute pillow I made (who else loved it!? I think I feel a give-away coming your way soon!)
-I started my antro. inspired quilt! (pray that I make it look cute I'm kinda nervous)
-My mom took me to get a pedicure today! That counts as multiple levels of awesomeness I think
-Still doing my Insanity workouts
-Its going to be a LONG WEEKEND!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend lovelies! I will be MIA from blogging land until probably Tuesday. Lets chat then ok?

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lori said...

you sound like me with the packing dilemma. i hateeee packing. and i could probably never get everything in a carry on.

ps. i wish my closets were as organized as yours... its on my to-do list. maybe ill tackle it tonight.