Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catalina Wine Mixer... without the wine...

First off... having a husband who is a pilot is just-plain-down-right-no-bones-about-it-H.O.T.T. And any time he asks you if you want to fly anywhere the answer is always YES.
(No I did not buy this shirt... but it was hilarious because there was totally some dude at the airport who WAS flying... almost naked)

So, when husband first asked, "Hey, what do you think about flying to Catalina for the day?" I thought "Well OK if I have to" (please note the sarcasm emphasis hehe) ... But I didn't really know what I was getting in to.... I knew it was an Island... and I knew we had to fly there... and thats about it.

Our friend Pierre (he is SINGLE ladies!!!) and Devin flew this itty bitty plane... Actually Pierre started out by flying the plane first and I had never flown with him before. You can tell I was super excited about that...
(my super excited face)

 He kept reassuring me "Don't worry two of the best pilots in the Air Force are taking you around today!" I kept thinking... Um... Pierre... I have seen you DRIVE buddy... no but seriously these boys are dead serious about safety and flying. They checked out every INCH of that thing to make sure nothing was out of place and I felt safer- until they crammed me in the back and gave me no time to think about taking off because we were already in the air.

Where was my STOP-REVE-THE-ENGINE-MAKE-ME-WAIT-AND-THEN-TAKE-OFF? Apparently its not needed. I learned that one really quick.

The flight only took about an hour and a half. Mostly over the ocean. "Don't freak out when we go over the water ok?" Pierre kept telling me... um aparently this boy doesn't know I am a flying-over-the-water veteren. These boys really are professionals though- it was the smoothest flight I have ever been on especially in a baby puddle jumper.

We showed up to Catalina in jeans and sweaters basically... and it was 90 degree weather. THAT was embarrassing. We took the scarriest bus ride down to Avalon (which is the town)
 and walked around, hung out on the beach, walked on the pier, and ate until it was time to go home
(are you diggin' my "I just woke up from an airpane induced nap" hair?_
We called this trip a "scouting trip" for our next adventure there... hopefully in a few months so we can do the ZIP LINE and stay the night.

Overall it was by far the best day trip husband and I have ever done! I got to watch the sunset from an airplane that my husband was flying- how many people get to do that???

Things I learned from this trip/things I will do next time:
#1 whenever there is the word "island" involved in a trip... bring a bathing suit and sandals
#2 don't leave the planning of a trip solely on boys (sorry guys you know I love you though)
#3 try oysters with pierre and devin... because they said I have to
#4 stay over night
#5 rent a boat

Hope you all had as an amazing weekend as I did!


Shawna Lauringson said...

Ohhh Girl!!! Next time you go let us know! Even if we can't all fit in the plane to fly down there we will totally drive down to hang out! It sounds awesome!

Newlymeds said...

looks like so much fun!!

Notes She Wrote said...

You are super super lucky your hubby is a pilot!! I'm totally jealous ;)

Rosie said...

Hook it up Girl!