Tuesday, August 9, 2011


That's how I have been feeling... the past.. Oh... 3 days now
My knee is on the mend but still rather painful nonetheless
(all the way home)

Err go the waddling walk I have been doing and the funny looks I have been getting
I have been having to REST and its DRIVING ME UP A WALL... we're talking the WALL OF CHINA wall.
(after my interview at my parent's office)

I told my mom that I now understand why she hopped and scooted around the house all day when she broke her leg when I was in High School. She got out my grandma's old wheelchair, put her knee on it, and used it like her skate board to get around the house. I get it now mom I really do...
(are these a yes or a no? i'm still deciding...)

I mean... there are only SO many pairs of sunglasses that I can try on, so many things I can organize, and so much SITTING a person can do before they go mad.
And I think I've reached my limit. Its time to get a knee brace and take some ibuprofen. I think Lucy is a little bored too... 
(poor girl she had to wait for daddy to take her on a walk... boo)

 Maybe I'll organize my pantry... because you saw how crazy it can get in there...

Shoes: Macy's. Pants: J Crew. Top: American Eagle. Belt: Buffalo Exchange. Sunglasses: Juicy Couture C/O Dr. Smart

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