Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Before and After

Remember a few days ago when I told you I was doing my first DIY? Well... I DID IT! (with a little bit of help from my hubs before he left)
a little sneaky peaky of the progress

Desk: Before

Desk: After

Chair: Before

Chair: After

Both together! (no this isn't my garage!!!!)

Oh and look at what I made in my new sewing area.... :-)

Total cost. Desk- Thrifted $20. Chair- Thrifted: $4. Paint-$7=$31 for a fun new sewing space!

Things on my to-do list now....
#1 Make anthropologie inspired quilt that aparently everyone knew about but me
#2 Make anthropologie inspired shower curtain into actual curtains for our bed room
#3 Make flower pillow for new anthropologie inspired quilt

Lets see how far I get before the hubs gets home...


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney!!!!! I absolutely Love love love it...what a bargain on that beautiful chair!!! It's simply the cutest set and the chair pad is darling!!! Wow, a few sewing lessons, sewing machine, paint brush and tools and lookie what you done!
love ya
p.s. haven't been on the internet much while here in Pinegrove so this was fun to read!! way to go girl

Cassie said...

CUTE!!!! And totally you! :)

Carolynn Cecilia said...

I love Love LOVE thrifting and revamping furniture. Great job!