Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

(Oy Vey... remind me to not do this again...)

-Taking your own outfit pictures...In your closet... enough said....
-When this girl came in to the Fro-Yo place without any shoes on (and I have this thing about feet... I hate them)... and then she stole a spoon from the front and started helping herself to the Fro-Yo on her spoon and then she would lick the spoon and then go back for another taste... I was seriously grossed out.
-When Dev and I were flipping through channels and we stopped at QVC (because its my new fav) and this lady said "If a lady walks up to you and quacks at you... You've made a new friend!" and I'm thinking "Dude if someone came up to me and quacked at me I would think they were crazy... and they definitely won't be my new friend"
-That my mom started " J-K-ING" this week... Husband said "since when does your mom JK?"
-When I was driving on the freeway and I saw a car behind me and it looked just like my dad's car! And then... the car passed me... and I made a funny face... and... it wasn't my dad... it was an Asian lady smoking a cigarette... Oopsies.
-When I asked husband if he had ever changed a dirty diaper before he said "I wipe my own butt... whats the difference".... Um... OK...
-Trying to figure out how to use my new apple peeler/slicer/corer... it didn't turn out so great...
(hey give me a break there were no written instructions)

-Husband gave me the "OK" to buy a sewing machine! That's pretty awesome
-He also said we could go get a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen tomorrow... s.c.o.r.e.
-We are flying to Catalina this weekend (eeekkkk!)
-These green skinny jeans I have been obsessing over... and the Marc Jacobs sunglasses... My mom says that when that happens you are "meant" to have them
-I made an entire apron in one day! I was pretty proud.
-How cute husband looked in his uniform when he left this morning
(yes my bed isn't made... yes husband is making a grumpy face at me... yes its a terrible picture...sue me)

Happy Friday tomorrow!

Annnnnnnnnnd in case you care my jeans are 7 for all mankind, and my tank and cardi are from the Gap. And dangit you can't tell but I have a sweeeeeeet french braid in my hair. Holla.


lori said...

love awkward and awesomes! i have that gap cardi too :) ive been wanting to get a sewing machine, but i haven't used one since high school (about 6 yrs ago)... any advice for me to learn how??

Diane's Photography said...

hey I'm proud of you making another apron in 1 go girl!!! and did you get your new sewing machine? I love your blog facelift, it's really pretty!
love you