Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

(My apron pattern... can you find which one I did???)

-Having to go to the bathroom in a porta-potty. I still am traumatized
-That time that Shawna and I decided to take a kickboxing class (circa 2006) because we wanted to lose weight... and then we would ditch and go eat... totally counter productive obviously...
-When I was at Wal-Mart (WHY do I keep going there?) and there was this crazy lady... she had a cigarette hangin' outta her mouth and kept saying to me "LOOK AT MY BABY!" and taking her daughter's wallet and showing me her driver's license... weird...
-When Diane said (while we were sewing) "Lets just boink that button!" We about died laughing
-Man boobs... AKA Moobs
-That time when Lucy was a puppy and she pooped (sorry) on the floor and I stepped in it (in my bare feet nonetheless)...yes it gets better... and Devin was outside and I didn't know what to do so I hopped to the front door to yell for him but then I realized I was in my underwear so I had to HOP ON ONE FOOT to the back door to yell for him... it get even better... so he comes in and decides the best way to handle it is to pick me up like a sack of potatoes and carry me to the garage so I could wash my foot off... well the garage is a good 20-30 feet away and as we walk I'm hanging on to husband's pants and I end up completely de-pants-ing him. So my poop foot is just danglin' in the air and I'm flung over my husband's shoulder half crying half laughing, husband has his pants down around his ankles freaking out that he is going to drop me and my poop foot is going to hit him in the face... Anyway... I thought it was pretty awkward...

-I finished my APRON! Check it out (below)... its so awesome!!! I'm pretty proud of it
-Its my mom's b-day in a few days... and you know what that means... C.A.K.E. (or in this case chocolate peanut butter mouse pie...)
-That husband and I got to eat at The Hitching Post for FREE (thanks Orbital Science's)
-Not waddlin' like a duck anymore... thanks knee for healing!
-Today I will be baking THE.ENTIRE.DAY.... It might sound daunting but I have three baking projects that need to get done today... and I'm kind of excited...
-The fabric I got for my next sewing project!
-And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Which means that husband and I get to spend the entire weekend together :-)
(all done!)

(yuck this is not a good picture of me but the apron looks cute right? Note: the knee brace)

Fear not friends I will be using this apron today in my baking endeavours... Perhaps I will get hubby to take a better picture of it on me... in my actual kitchen and not in the hallway :-)

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Diane's Photography said...

Whitney!!! you're in big trouble! We did get a hearty giggle outta that statement didn't we? haahaa sometimes things just come outt my mouth in planned! Your Aprom looks simply darling and you make it looks beautious! love you