Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

(welcome to my closet!)
-When you are driving and you and the other people get there at the same time, and you both keep waving the other person on... and neither one of you go... so you keep waving them on and they keep waving you on... until someone decides to go... and you back a whole line of cars up
-Sitting on the (wet) grass with your dog at the park only to have to walk all the way home with wet shorts... I promise I did not pee in my pants.
-Wal-Mart people
-Having some latino dudes cat-call you in the parking lot and start yelling at you in spanish (I can only imagine what they were saying as I don't speak spanish) but I found myself shouting back "You wanna dance hoochie I will DANCE ON YOUR FACE! RUDE!" Oops... that was very unlady like of me... Sometimes I'm to fiesty for my own good... Don't worry they cowered in their car until I left after that.
-Sticking (practically) your whole head in your mom's In-N-Out bag because it smelled soooo good! Mom goes, "Uh... do you want some" Me "No I'm good I just want to SMELL it!"
(My sewing project! An apron for fall!)
-I am learning to sew! I am actually doing it! With some serious and amazing help from Diane I just love her!(see about picture for proof)
-Husband's text to me this morning "I love getting your texts when I get to work. It is just one of the many things I love about you and I love about us. I can't wait to spend forever with you because you are my everything." If that doesn't make you melt ladies I don't know what will! (PS don't tell him I told you about that...)
-Husband and I are going to YOSEMITE tomorrow!!! I'm nervous but mostly excited.
-S'mores... I'm excited to have them camping... because its more legit.
-Seeing Shawna today!
-Having people tell you you're outfit is fantastic! Thank you cute ladies at Andreini's
-My hair today... sorry... but it looked good for once! And I told husband that I had better look cute today because for the next 3 days I will be in Uglyville.

Shoes: Non-existant...they were down stairs. Pants and cardi: J Crew. Belt: Express. T: Downeastbasics

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Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, I always giggle when I read your blog. You're a good/fun writer! And I love your apron...see I told you you could do it!
love ya
p.s. have fun camping in Yosemite :D