Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another long boring post about grocery shopping...

So friends sorry I didn't share this yesterday... Had I done that I would have remembered not to throw away my grocery list so I could share it with you (fail). But honestly anyone who says shopping (especially grocery shopping) isn't exercise then they have never done it with me!

Yesterday I was on a mission to have my workout done, my grocery shopping done (and everything put away in its proper place) and to the office by 11:30. Mission accomplished friends... but it wasn't easy! I got going around 7am... did my insanity workout (which is about an hour), got ready, and was at my first grocery store at 9am.

Stop #1- Food Maxx (discount grocery store)
Usually I go to costco FIRST and then Trader Joes and THEN Food Maxx... but Costco didn't open until 10 so that put a damper on my plan.
(my cart at Food Maxx)

Total Spent at Food Maxx- $107.99   savings- $49.32
Thats almost $50 in savings friends! Isn't that amazing!? Thats 32% savings that I would have spent at a normal grocery store. My Food Maxx bill was higher this month because I ran out of several spices (those suckers are expensive!)
(YES I have a spice rack... but I have too many... I need one of those organizer thingy's... I'll get right on that)

Stop #2- Costco
By the time I took my lot from Food Maxx home and put everything away Costco was open. Here I bought fresh ground turkey, grapes, apples, and Naked Juice (I HAD to have it, it was such a good deal) I also bought paper towles but that doesn't count towards groceries right???

Total spent at Costco- $58.23 but minus the paper towels= $43.24

And Stop #3- Trader Joes.
Now I should explain that we are going to Yosemite in a few days and I bought lots of snacks and food at Trader's for our trip (because they are a necessity for any road trip) hehe

Total spent at Trader Joes- $37.65

Total spent for the month- $188.88

Which breaks down to about $1.13 per meal per person... Not bad eh?

And now my fridge (and freezer, and pantry) are HAPPY!

Our meal plan for the month looks something like this....
(BL= Biggest Loser recipe and CTNT = Cook This Not That recipe)

1 Enchiladas
2 Meatball sub (BL)
3 Dirty rice (BL)
4 Lamb gyros (CTNT)
5 Yosemite
6 Yosemite
7 Yosemite
8 Pulled pork (which we don't even eat but we are going to try it- another reason Food Max was more expensive)
9 Blackened Catfish (BL)
10 Grilled cheese w/ apples and bacon (CTNT)
11 Taco salad
12 Bon Bon chicken (BL)
13 Mom's Birthday
14 Dinner at the Smart's
15 Grilled chicken panini's
16 Taco pasta
17 Goat cheese pizza
18 Fish taco's (BL)
19 Turkey burgers
20 Date night
21 Dinner at the Smart's
22 White chili
23 Salmon
24 Chicken mole (CTNT)
25 Breakfast
26 BBQ chicken

You'll notice that I didn't go to the exact end of August... I did this because I don't like to plan past 4 weeks because things start to go bad in the fridge and I don't like wasting food. You will also notice that I allow for date nights and dinner at my parents house. Also a lot of these recipes we will be trying for the first time.. So I'm not sure if we love them yet but we will keep you posted!


AJD ∞ said...

I love this! I seem to struggle with grocery shopping [especially because I'm an Air Force wife as well--we were stationed in CA for a while!--and the Commissary does not have the greatest variety of food], so this is encouraging! Grocery shopping on a budget IS possible.

Cute blog! I'm a fan of yellow and gray as well. :]

Stesha said...

this is such a funny post to me! I thought I was the only open obsessed with cheap food shopping!! I LOVE trader joes!!! cute blog! I am glad i came across it. Cant wait to see another grocery list post :)


Classic & Bubbly

Heather said...

love this! i love how you plan out your meals for the month. i do mine weekly. i'm always worried i'll get overwhelmed with a whole month. do you shop for everything @ once?

Courtney said...

yeah buddy white chili! I love that stuff I haven't made it in FOREVER! Meaning since I made it at BYU-I!