Monday, July 4, 2011

You KNOW your husband likes your dress if....

You put it on... and he says.... "TWIRL!!!!!!!!"

Sorry friends I did wear this dress to church yesterday... and we tried to take pictures... but... my camera was not be nice to us. So just imagine that it looked super cute k? I originally ordered this dress in and small and when it got here it was HUGE... I mean... like a circus tent huge. So I exchanged it for an XS and it was still a little big but not like a circus tent :-)

OOOO guess what I BOUGHT this weekend???? OMGosh I love them... Check it out.
Do you LOVE them or do you love them? Husband likes them so they are keeper. Perfect for summer!

THAT my friends, made my heart happy! As you know, sometimes I get discouraged in writing this little blog- because I feel like the only one who enjoys it is ME. But then I get sweet comments on Facebook from my friends and it makes me happy to know that someone other than me enjoys reading what I write. Because while this blog is really for me- as an outlet- I would hope that someone gets a little something out of it... even if its just a smile! Love you guys.

Oh and NOW you can LIKE us on Facebook! Just look for "The Zufelt's"... that way if you don't want to follow you don't have to but you can still receive updates :-)

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Chel said...

Wit, You are awesome! I love yoU!!!!!! I miss your face!