Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Waypoint Cafe

Is where we had lunch yesterday. Husband and I slept in (oops) and missed stake temple day (hey give us a break we went last Friday!) so we decided to head to Camarillo for the day.

Husband was a little disappointed in my shopping abilities yesterday... He said, "Get whatever you want!" Well... apparently nothing was screaming my name except a t-shirt, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt from the North Face (all 50% off thank you very much). Boo J Crew. Get some new stuff in please!
(sorry I like this picture because Lucy is in it hehe)

Well we spent most of the afternoon perusing shops, and then my belly started to grumble. We have a usual places that we like to eat when in Camarillo... but husband suggested we go..... To the Airport....

I was a little apprehensive (as you could imagine... has anyone EVER had good airport food???) But I was NOT disappointed! Turkey melt on garlic bread, juicy bleu cheese hamburger, fantastic parsley seasoned fries... and a to DIE FOR banana chocolate shake.

All while soaking up some sun, and watching planes fly in and out. It was AWESOME!

Husband decided that next time we go there... WE WILL FLY there and have our burgers :-) Because you literally land... and then walk into the restaurant.
(He's hott... I know)

So my friends... next time... any takers to come fly with me? :-)
(I am the BEST co-pilot)

Shoes: Macy's. Skirt and Cardi: J Crew. Tanks: Downeast Basics

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