Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer MUST have's for Mrs. Zufelt

Today in class ALL I could think about was the beach... No... not on my 2 tests I have tomorrow... but the beach.. somewhere tropical (um did I not just go to Hawaii?)... and what I would be wearing there... here is my list friends....

#1 A floppy hat! I am talking like BIG J.LO. status floppy hat my friends... This bad boy will keepy the sun off of your face AND neck and its SO CUTE
#2 Wayfarers... or any other large sunglass (Jackie O. style) for example

#3 Easy Breezy dresses (did you totally just want to say "covergirl" after easy breezy? K well I did)


#4 Fun wedges or flat strappy sandals... You feet will look so cute... and they will be HAPPY... which is essential

#5 If you are going to wear said fun wedges or sandals... wear some BRIGHT nail polish

#6 Bathing suits that COVER. I think this should ALWAYS be in fashion because the only people who should be showin' their tummy's are those that don't HAVE tummy's! 

(this suit might be too "little girl" for you but I love it!)

Anyway I had a list that was MUCH longer... But I think that NOW I should go study... Wish me luck!


Shawna Lauringson said...

Good Luck on your test Whit!!!
I love your wish list, I will compile mine and we should celebrate youre being done with tests and me being done with the work week and go shopping!!!

Eva said...

Those are the exact wedges I've been drooling over! Trying to justify ordering them online. Also, that hat! love big floppy hats for summer :)