Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies....

Yup... you heard me right... red velvet... kinda just rolls off the tongue no?

I made these yesterday for our Sunday school kids (so you guys had better be angels!)

Find the recipe HERE

(are you loving my shiny forhead??)
Things I learned this week...
#1. Don't laugh during your yearly exam
#2. Dentists should not use water picks that sound like drills in your mouth if you aren't numb and unaware of what they are doing...
#3. Always raid husband's closet (because... well... we can't share a whole one together) if you can't find something to wear or the right accessory.
#4. Tucking in your shirt makes you look like you have a muffin top even if you don't have one... Boo.
#5. I have to work way harder at maintaining my "figure" than MOST people do... thanks genetics
#6. Don't poke around food blogs when you are hungry... Its kinda like going to the grocery store hungry.
#7. That is weird to wash your hair and then go to the salon... because they wash it again... but it would be gross if you went and DIDN'T wash your hair
#8. My husband is the BEST... EVER (ok I already knew this but he reminds me everyday how LUCKY I am)

And I think its time to get a real job... I'm kinda goin' crazy over here

Shoes: Nine West. Pants: J Crew. Belt: Husbands! Shirt: Express. Glasses: Nicole Miller c/o AAA optemetric

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