Sunday, July 24, 2011

My weekend... And... 7 months later...

I ended up wearing all 4 pairs of shoes that I took on our ONE DAY trip thank you very much (for those that are my buds on FB) We had a blast!

Mormon night at Dodger Stadium! The Dodger's lost (although it was really cool to see the National's hit a GRAND SLAM.) And the fireworks display was disappointing.

(how much do you love that we went to a baseball game and the majority of our pictures are of disgusting food? its all part of the experience...)

The next morning we went to Long Beach CA and...
I "walked"

(read my post HERE about me getting my degree)

Its a basic human skill I know... But the boy behind me kept assuring me that if I fell he would not be there to catch me. I made the mistake of telling him that I tripped on the hotel stairs earlier that morning... Classic.
(lets play "where's whitney")

Overall it was great and I am so glad that 7 months later I decided to "walk" at my graduation. I met some fantastic people (in the short 4 hours I was there) that continue to serve our country and I am so thankful that I was able to get my degree the way that I did.

 I am proud of the school I went to and I am so thankful that there are options for military members and their families to further their education (there were people getting their PHD's! sign me up!)
And I'm thankful of course to MY MAN for supporting me in all that I do

We celebrated by eating at The Cheesecake Factory...

Shopping at J Crew

And taking lots of pictures (husband has had a thing lately with taking pics of my shoes...)

The only thing that could have made it better would have been #1 If my sister's were there... AND #2 if we had gone to Disneyland (its my fav)

Happy Monday tomorrow friends!

Dress: Shabby apple (and it looks horrible because I had been sitting for HOURS but TRUST me its adorable when it isn't wrinkled) Shoes: Macy's. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren.

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