Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mischief Managed

Dear Harry Potter,

I am SO glad that you finally get to live a normal life. Your adventures were EPIC- but I'm sure you are glad they are over... and I am glad that you didn't end up with Cho... I never really liked her...But Ginny's hair in the final scene was a little ridiculous (as was Ron's shirtless appearance). This last movie certainly did not disappoint. 

Love Whit.

Ok.. want to know what ELSE I did this weekend? OF COURSE you do! :-)

Well thank goodness I am feeling better than I was Thursday! Sheesh! Friday I spent gettin' ready for our BYU-I party! I had SO much fun! Look at what I made for the girls....
(how much are we loving these name banners!?!?)

(courtney's name was a little too long haha)

(don't mind the creeper knife in the back I was cutting up strawberries)

(red velvet cupcakes)

Husband went and played HALO while us girls had a good time! Saturday husband took me to SLO so I could have some retail therapy. (I got those RED JEANS!!!!) And we obviously went and saw Harry Potter.

(making a face at my neighbor)

I was feeling pretty down this weekend about what happened in Stats on Thursday (as in... breaking down and crying at any given moment that I was thinking about it)

(shoes: nine west. skirt:express. top:gap)

As I was preparing my Sunday School lesson (on the resurrection of Jesus) I came across this video that helped me SO much, not only in my lesson but also in dealing with my "Terrible Friday (or in my case thursday)...

Today I was so thankful for these words and that Sunday came today

Thanks for reading


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