Friday, July 1, 2011

Lucy for hire...

Name: Lucy Liu Zufelt

Age: 1 (human years)

Occupation: Stay at home dog

Hobbies: I enjoy suntanning (I am, after all, a California girl), I am pretty cute and very photogenic. I love helping with the laundry (aka getting all the socks out) and I am a fantastic food tester. I also enjoy hiking, and riding in the car with my head out the window. In my free time I am spear heading a digging excursion to China in my parent's backyard.

Why I'm looking for work: Well, my Dad would really prefer for me to not dig to China everyday. And he thinks my skills are possibly an untapped source of income.My goal in life is to be a paleontologist so I can dig for dinosaur bones. In order to utilize my digging talents, I am asking if anyone needs a pool or any other extremely large hole dug? My Mom and Dad would really appreciate it. No job too big or too small.

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