Friday, July 8, 2011

Just call me Betty Crocker

You know... this whole "not having a job and going back to school for prerequisites" thing was nice today.

Today I was a WIFE. I am talking like 1950's status (apron and all)

I had my closet cleaned out and organized, this big ol' house cleaned (remind me again why we didn't buy the one story?) my workout DONE, and like 30 people called for estimates (on house stuff) BEFORE noon. You may also call me super woman in the future.

I met my parentals for lunch and headed off to Target to pick up some necessities... Like... Magnum ice-cream for the husband (shhhh its a surprise)

Then you know what I did? I BAKED these bad boys....

Homemade Oreo's 

You can find the recipe HERE

Happy weekend friends!


Rachel said...

oommgg home made oreos yum! Those look so good. Did he love them?? I need to do my closet.. -Rachel (

Diane's Photography said...

hey Betty Crocker! yes indeed you are, I love it!! the cookies look super delisious!
love you

christine donee said...

future tense is not needed.. you ARE superwoman