Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have this thing for...


I love trying new things and finding out what I love and what I don't! Currently I am pretty happy with my bathroom products.... Lets review shall we?

Enjoy Luxury shampoo and conditioner...
O. M. G. guys I am in LOVE with these products.
I tried WEN and HATED it (you know how I am with infomercials)
But I knew that I needed something sulfate free... QUE ENJOY!
All products SULFATE FREE! And my hair feels F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S (and looks that way too)

I also LOVE their hair mask
Because my Pocohontas locks are getting increasingly longer I use this baby once a week and it gives my hair a nice deep conditioning treatment

Body wash:
I have SUPER sensitive skin (as in I itch like a DOG if I am even slightly allergic to anything) and this is the only body wash that doesn't make me crazy (and its derm. recommended thank you very much)

Shaving cream:
I am in LOVE with this saving cream. Propellant FREE, you can shave wet OR dry, AND it has a PUMP... AND it won't RUST in your shower. Serious score my friends (I found mine at Target)

This lotion smells like summer to me! It also reminds me of my sister so apparently I have emotions attached to this smell as well. But seriously you know how you put on some smelly lotion and like 5 seconds later the smell is gone? Well that won't happen when you use THIS. Try it. You like it.

Welp thats it for today my friends I am off to study some more for finals! Wish me luck!

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Leticia Marisela Rivas said...

Awe I was thinking of you during class right now and Just wanted to say that I was distracted and reading your blog!!! Can't wait to talk to you about all these products and your day!! :)