Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I grew up and... then... I worked for my parents...

Since I am "between jobs" and "school's out for the summer" my parents have commandeered me

(I am NOT in love with this pictures... in fact.. the more I look at it.. the more I dislike it... but I had to show you where I WAS all day don't worry I didn't wear sunglasses all day... I was just excited about those RAYBANS!). THAT my friends is the back back office at my parents (I say "back back" because my dad's office is technically the "back" office)

(ahhh that's a little better than the last picture...)

And today I helped my parents do THIS and THIS and THIS
and of course the optometrist's daughter forgot to wear her glasses...
my eyes were dying after staring at the comp. all day

But now that I am a "grown up" I have started to think more and more about my "big girl job"
I just didn't know it would be helping my parents in the
"Social Networking" department

At least I am being paid in lunches and sunglasses

Shoes: Nordy's. Pants, Cardi, Headband: J Crew. T: Downeast Basics. Sunglasses in first 2 pics: Raybans. Sunglasses in last 2 pics: Ralph Lauren... oh and my bag is Chanel.


Alexis Kaye said...

I love your all pink! and it sounds like...an okay opportunity! :) I love your header photo. you and the hubs are quite handsome together!

Diane's Photography said...

You sport anything very well. You are stinkin' cute! I so enjoy your blog!
love ya