Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How I feed my husband each day....

*WARNING!* This is long with NO pictures (sorry friends)

For only $1.19 per meal.

I KNOW right... it seems CRAZY that its that little. Which is why I don't feel bad about grocery shopping. Its WAY cheaper than eating out (atleast in our house if you can't tell) and its so much better for you... if you do it the RIGHT way.

Before Devin and I were married. I hardly ever cooked (and I mean it). I survived college by eating in the galley and lean cousines (yuck). But once I got married and husband and I both got super busy- I decided I needed to A. Learn to cook and B. NOT go to the grocery store everyday (which is something I did the first few months we were married).

I don't think husband appreciates (fully) my method of madness when it comes to grocery shopping. He really couldn't care less about what we eat but thats OK I appreciate it enough for both of us.

Secrets to my success
1. Make a meal plan at the beginning of the month
-Seriuosly this HELPS so much because I am not OVER buying and I'm not UNDER buying. I buy exactly what we need for every meal during the month. The only time I go back to the store is every other week to buy fresh fruits and veggies (if you keep them in the fridge they should last you up to 2 weeks)
2. Make enough food at dinner for left overs the next day.
-This way you have not only DINNER but LUNCH! This has saved us tons because the food is already prepped and we aren't wasting money buying lunch somewhere else.
3. Buy generic if you can.
-I can't believe I am admitting this. I am NOT a crazy coupon person (I am sure I would save TONS more money on things I DON'T need) I don't buy and save things we don't need but even if you can save 10 cents on a can of something, thats 10 cents you can save and spend on something else.
4. Go to different grocery stores
-This is the BIGGEST pain in the boo-tay about my whole process. The problem IS, is that I want different things at different stores. I usually end up going to Costco (every other month), Food Maxx (discount grocery store), Trader Joe's (all natural food store) and Vons.

Here is a break down of the way I shop:

Every other month I do a "Costco Run" (this is when our grocery bill is the most expensive). Our usual purchases at Costco include;
-Chicken breast
-Ground Turkey
-Salmon (or other fish)
-Whole grain bread (if we need it, we don't eat bread too often)
-Apples, grapes, strawberries and any other fruit
And thats it!!! Everything we buy from Costco we freeze and take out what we need WHEN we need it.

Trader Joes;
-I don't go to Trader Joes except to get healthy snacks. They have great trail mixes, crackets, juice etc. Sometimes I get fresh fruit or veggie but usually this store is just for novelty items.

Food Maxx;
-I do the bulk of my shopping here. I LOVE it... I usually save around 30% of what I would pay at another grocery store (I know because I CHECKED). The only problem, is sometimes they don't have certain brands that we like (like our Chobani yogurt). Their produce isn't that great here all the time so you just have to check and make sure its good.

-This is a LAST resort store. Usually the only things I buy here are produce I couldn't find at Trader's or Food Maxx and our Chobani's.

And thats how I do it! The most expensive our grocery bill has EVER been for the month has been around $200 (for both of us). Which breaks down to:

$200 a month /  2 people = $100 per month per person / 4 weeks = $25 a week / 7 days a week = $3.57 a day / 3 meals a day = $1.19 per meal (per person) each day.

Which isn't too bad right? And THATS with the most expensive grocery bill

Wow that was LONG and boring. Sorry- but I always have people ask me about my meal plan when they come over... and THATS how I do it.


Kayla Bainbridge said...

Yeah but where do you find most of your recipes?

Shawna Lauringson said...

This is how we do it too! Costco and Trader Joes only for us though.. We typically buy most of our stuff at Costco, which is funny because since there is just two of us it lasts FOREVER!!! I like how you broke it down to the cost per meal Whitney!! Puts eating out in perspective!!!

Eva said...

interesting! I tried to do a monthly meal plan once. We ended up eating at other people's houses often, and it threw all my planning off track and I haven't picked it back up since. Perhaps I should.
Also we don't have any of those grocery stores here in the Great White North (at least, not near where I am). Oh, except for Costco.

Monica and Whitney said...

I love this post. I always struggle getting meals together! Loving your blog! So glad I found it!

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