Monday, July 18, 2011


Having our party got me thinking A LOT about my college days (because they weren't too long ago) I LOVED college (most of the time)... minus the horrid roommate that spred lies about me... Its just so sad because we were all SUCH good friends until we had to be back-biting-hissy-cat-fit-girls. None-the-less I feel like I should share some of my do's and don'ts that I shared with my girls.


-Go on DATES! LOTS of them!

-Be friendly! But not “overly” friendly

-Serve your roommates

-Get your homework done BEFORE the weekend

-GO to the haunted mill AND the fear factory… and the haunted tunnel

-Be selective about your “second” dates

-Move all of your beds into the front room and have a “sleep over”
(this is a terrible picture but its the only one I have)

-Play in the snow

-Get your clean checks done EARLY
(this is NOT my room)

-Get your laundry done either first thing in the morning or when over people are at class... and keep an EYE on it!

-Play pranks on your FHE brothers

-Go to Sadie Hawkins!

-Stay out past cerfew… nothing good happens after midnight anyway
-Just “get through” college
-Look like you’re going to prom everyday
-Wear heel in the winter… except on Sundays… and only if someone DRIVES you to church

-Gain the freshman 15… use the GYM its free!
-Skip class
-Wear jeans to class in the summer… its too hot! Wear dresses
-Skip guitars unplugged! It’s the most fun dance they have there (in my opinion)

-Go to Big Jud’s its gross!

-Miss stadium singing… even if you don’t like to sing

-Live too far away from campus during the winter… BAD IDEA!

-Forget to have FUN!

Dear BYU-I. Some people might not like you... but I loved you.

Dear old roommates... some of you I love and miss... but I am so glad that I am married and no longer have to live with a bunch of girls :-P

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krista.frenzel said...

Oh gosh I was so fat in that last picture!