Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Its. too. hot. to. wear. anything. cute. and. modest.... lately... Hence why I am currently pondering runnin' some cool bath water, putting on my favorite bathing suit and pretending I have a pool in my house.

-When your teacher wears SHORTS to class (not to mention he was wearing tube socks). I don't we students are ever SUPPOSED to see their legs. Ever.
-Eating a meatball sandwich for lunch (it was a biggest loser recipe! Soooo good, I usually HATE meatballs but these were super healthy- made with oats and ground turkey). Biting through that puppy made me feel like a barbarian... then someone was trying to talk to me while I was being an eating barbarian.... extra awkward
-Getting a new phone and suddenly feeling technology challenged
-Having your math teacher throw your test and your calculator at you- in the same day- and today he didn't hold the door open for any of the girls walking in to class... Thanks... jerk...
-Wanting a job... but not wanting a job all at the same time
-Rolling backpacks... I get it.... but still

-My new wedges? Did you see them? They're awesome
-My new 3D phone! Yay no more dinosaur!
-Husband has his flight review on Saturday... EEKKK I am so excited!
-Shabby Apple's summer sale! 20% off!!!
-Lucy LOVES fireworks. While all the other dogs were barkin' and carryin' on... she was having the BEST time
-Wayfarers! They are on my "to get" list
-Only 2 more weeks of summer school! Wooohooo!
-Husband with his shirt of.... Mmmmm Hmmm... Insanity is doin' that man good :-)

And because I said I might show it... the video I told you about... Please excuse my weirdness I thought Devin was taking pictures... NOT video taping... I have some weird posing going on there...

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