Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome with a side of "that sucked"

Luckily I wrote most of these down yesterday... because today was an awful day...

-Listening to "The Thong Song" in Chemistry... Ooo that dress so scandalous...
-People that you have been going to school with for WEEKS calling you "Tiffany" and "Stephanie"... um no
-When your skirt is too big... make that jeans too... or any other clothing... I have mastered the art of "holding-the-back-of-your-jeans/skirt-while-walking-up-the-stairs-so-you-don't-show-anything" move (I refuse to throw away my big clothing because someday I will fit into them again. 7 for all mankind jeans 2-3 sizes too big are STAYING)
-Finding Lucy hairs on my desk at school... Um... how did THAT get there???
-Getting to the last little bit of your favorite eye-shadow... you know... when only the edges are left and you swirl and swirl to get some on your brush... Husband says "uh... I think you can get a new one now"
-That one time that I started my period on a date... that was super cool
-This kid at school TOTALLY looks like Senor Chang from Community!!! I was waiting for him to say something like "That makes me very CHANGry"

-Only one more week of summer school left! Thank GOODNESS... everyone PRAY for me and statistics (please and thank you)
-Trail mix
-New shoes
-Husband bum (sorry had to throw that in there)
-Being able to read on my phone
-And that tomorrow is FRIDAY
-BYU-I party tomorrow! Its going to be soooo fun!

"That sucked"
Today my stats teacher decided it would be a great idea to humiliate me in front of the entire class... no I don't care to elaborate... but it was REALLY bad... I have been emotional about it all day... Boo. I am so glad to almost be done with that class... On a happier note husband took me to SLO Farmer's Market tonight

And that made my day a little brighter...

Hope you all had a better day than I did!

Oh and answers from my previous post... @Kayla- I use a lot of family recipes but lately I have been getting in to using recipes from The Biggest Loser. I also like to try recipes from magazines and from some of my favorite cooking blogs. We like to try new things around here... sometimes I just make stuff up though. @Shawna I tried just doing Traders and Costco but Traders can get a little expensive (for me atleast) but I still love going there! @ Eva- I only made my plan out of necessity because I didn't want to be stuck at the grocery store at 5:30 every night :-) Maybe try easing back in to it with a weekly plan? Thats how I started out. And I have never been to the "Great White North!" totally on my list though ;-)


Shawna Lauringson said...

Hey Whit! Love the post! I didnt get mine up last night but I am planning on it for tonight... on another note, Garrett knows Stats Guy from working at Tennis Warehouse, he said hes a genius but can be a real punk. :( Sorry that he was such a punk to you! Garrett said the guy is moving to LA though at the end of summer so on the plus side you'll never have to see him again!!! Miss you!

Chel said...

Whit, I need to come follow you around for a couple weeks and watch how you live... that way maybe I can emulate it! you rock my world! <3 u!