Sunday, July 3, 2011


Dear body,

I feel as though I owe you an apology. You are mine ... you are a temple... and there are times... when I forget that...

I apologize for...

-All those times in college that I ate Lean Cousine's and called that food
-Going to the tanning bed so much in High School
-All the sugar that I eat.... at times... particularly all the chocolate
-All the damage I did to your wrists by stunting and tumbling
-For the ridiculous high heels I wear... but your legs look rockin' when I do...
-Biting my nails all those years when I was younger... I know its so disgusting... its under control now
-Trying to make your hair BLONDE when all you wanted to be was yourself...
-Wanting you skinnier... and hating you when you aren't
-Wanting a nose job... like... all the time
-That one time in 7th grade when I decided to jump on that trampoline... and I sprained your ankle... yeah that sucked
-For all the waxing we do at times... sorry but it really helps make you look better... one day we will get laser I promise

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Pants, cardi, necklace: JCrew. Shoes: Rocketdog. Tshirt: Downeast basics

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Eva said...

i'm in the process of trying to make my hair blonde, against its will. I did it out of boredom, but I'm sure I'll end up just letting my hair be.