Thursday, July 21, 2011

Akward and EXTRA Awesome

Today was the LAST day of summer school!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited?

-Having a this Navy recruiter trying to "recruit" me for this whole past week. "We are looking for people like YOU to join the Navy". Me "Uh... my husband is in the Air Force." Dude "SO!" Me "So... that's all the military I need in my life... thanks though"
-When my friend Geraldo told me that he got locked out of his apartment in his pajamas and slippers... and he was wearing WINNIE THE POOH slippers "I wasn't even wearing MANLY slippers!" he said.
-When my stats teacher said, "SOME of you don't have calculators that don't do these kinds of problems... like YOU for example (talking about me)... everyone look at her and make her feel really awkward!" Mission accomplished
-Missing spots when you shave... and then having your husband touch your legs... Um I think you missed a spot... Oops.
-Husband and I were watching TV and the news lady comes on and says "Right on target, shoppers in SLO gear up" and I said "Hey I think they are talking about the new Target!" Husband says "DUH!" another oops.
-There is a new show called "Whitney" thats coming on TV... and it bothers me (hey you can't blame me that I always wanted my own talk show called "whitney" I'm sure other people who are named "oprah" and "ellen" feel the same way)

-I got an A in chemistry!!!! (I also passed stats praise the Lord)
-Tomorrow we are going to a Dodger game! (whoot whoot mormon night!)
-I have my commencement ceremony on Saturday! (7 months later)
-My outfit I will be rockin' at graduation
-My mom is making breakfast for dinner tonight
-I WILL be eating ice cream in my very near future
-Whenever I say to husband "Honey we have been married for 2 years and 7 months today!" and he says "Thank goodness love!"
-I get to SLEEP IN tomorrow
-Tomorrow is Friday!

Sorry about the loft pictures (yes we have a baby gate for our dog). Husband isn't feeling wonderful so he was resting but wanted to still take my pictures "Thats cute!" He said of my outfit... and hopefully me ;-)

Pants: Express (sale $20). Belt: Buffalo exchanged (which counts to me as "thrifted") Shirt: Jcrew. And I am wearing cute gold shoes from Macy's that you can't see.  


Diane's Photography said...

you are just dang cute Whitney and hey, I wanna see the shoes! :D

Emily said...

Love it, keep the awkward and awesomes coming! And congrats on your tests :)