Friday, June 10, 2011

Today I'm thinkin' lots of things...

Which just goes to show how COMPLICATED women's thoughts can be...

For example:
-I just had the BEST afternoon hanging out with Shawna. Seriously everyone should have a friend as awesome as her!

-I have decided that I can no longer go in to Sephora with my debit card. I need someone to take it away from me. Luckily- Shawna came and saved me before I could do any damage. I need to only LOOK while I am in the store... and then by online. MUCH safer for my bank account that way.

- I found these pants at The Gap today that were only $10.... and I was in lust with them until... I realized that they were squeezing my calves... Its official... I have man legs.

-I am super lonely right now becaaaaaaaause Devin just took Lucy to Target... lucky girl!

-Dying to try red lipstick... not so sure if I can pull it off

-When am I going to join this century and buy a cool phone?....

-Yellow nail polish yes or no?

-My wedding ring is dirty and its bothering me

-Trying to decide what to wear for my first day of school! Jeans? Green skinny pants? Pink cardi? Decisions... Decisions...

-I am both happy AND sad that today was my last day at SLIM (sheesh no wonder boys complain about trying to figure us out!)

I have yet to wrap my head around the fact that I won't be going back to SLIM on Monday and that I will be in school Hubby has been the best (as usual). He is super supportive.

And right now I am cravin' a little bit o' this loveliness....

Happy Friday/Weekend lovies!

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