Friday, June 17, 2011


Anyone ever used to watct that on Fridays? I did. After ballet class. Mom and I would get taco bell (because we are SUPER healthy) and I woud watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch in my leo and tights... THOSE are good memories :-)

Today was/is a GREAT day!

I got EXTRA cuddles from husband which totally started off my day in the right direction! Husband said he is proud of me and that I should have a relaxing day today because I deserve it  :-)

My morning was fantastic! Seriously I couldn't have asked for it to be better. Lucy and I met my friend Heather and her little man Parker in Avila and we all did the Bob Jones tail. I had so much fun. She is an amazing mother and I could have kept on talking to her for hours! But Lucy and Parker were both tired.

THEN I went and had my eyes checked (my dad is an optometrist so that made it pretty easy). I have been having the WORST time trying to see the board in class even with my glasses on. And guess what friends???

I need glasses for in class and for studying... AKA I need glasses for both up close and far away (which means I need 2 pairs with different RXs). Dad goes "its ok its just one more accessory!.... or we can just give you bifocals???" Um... no thanks I think I will just get a new pair of glasses (he he he - evil laugh) which didn't take long... wanna see which ones I got???

Come on you KNOW you love them! Big and dorky are totally in!
My dad couldn't believe how much my distance vision changed... Oh and guess what else??? I got to do the glaucoma testing on my dad and THAT is super fun. You know when the eye doctor gives you that little puff in your eye...???

THEN I had lunch at Natural Cafe with my friend Sarah

Isn't it just so fun to eat good food and girl talk???

Today has been so great and its not even over yet.... Although I am a little bummed the BYU-I party isn't happening tonight... but it will still happen friends!

And to add to my excitment

Shawna and Garrett are coming over tomorrow :-)
I am sooo lovin' today.

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Ramsey said...

Love the new header! And the glasses. Really. And yummy lunches. Fridays are made for good things!