Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday...sweet Sunday...

I have been in a B.A.D habit lately of baking... a lot... As in... every weekend I have been baking something. The first 2 weekends I made the most amazing cookies ever (its like chocolate, pb surprise cookies, we call them delicious).

Last weekend I made s'mores cookies (because its summer duh) and then yesterday I made Oreo pudding cookies... Recipe found HERE... sheesh... Husband has had a love/hate relationship with my baking lately- he loves to eat what I make but he also hates having them in the house (as do I!).

And I agree- which is why I make them for our Sunday School classes- easy peasy out. Also I find it quite odd that I have rediscovered my love of baking in the SUMMER TIME... um... isn't this supposed to happen in the Winter? Meh... maybe its just a phase... we hope :-)

Alas tomorrow I will be going back to school. Eeeek I hope I make some friends there other wise it will be a L.O.N.G 8 hours a day. Perk to only drive 2.5 seconds to school? I get to drive BRODY hehehe and hubby has to (read- gets to!) drive Charlie.
(This is my "body builder" pose haha)

Still trying to decide what to wear tomorrow... Hopefully I will remember to take picture of the "winning" outfit.. in case anyone wants to see :-)

Oh! AND today my friend Erin was wearing this CUTE dress and I asked her were the got it... Guess where friends? Forever21. Cute, modest... I may have to rethink my feelings on that store... maybe...

And husband and I had some fun taking pictures after the "formal" posing hehe... all the pictures turned out blurry but... still funny :-)

Headband, Skirt, Cardi: J. Crew. Shoes: Steve Madden.

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Chelsea said...

You are so cute! That outfit is way good.

Girl, as we speak there is cinnamon bread in the oven. Is there like a Baker's Anonymous we could join?