Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lush Monday

One of my favorite places to visit when we are out of town is a little shop called Lush

Yes... I know I have blogged about it before... but I LOVE it. And tonight was a Lush night.

After our Insanity workout I washed my hair with this little baby...

When I first saw this product... I thought.... sea salt??? On my HAIRS??? You're jokin' right? No my friends... It makes your hair SUPER soft... I am forever converted

Then husband drew me a nice little bubble bath :-) 'Cuz I'm spoiled.
This is one of my best friends when it comes to baths. It seriously makes the BEST bubble E.V.E.R.  Moisturizing. Smells fantastic. I was in Heaven.

We had a fantastic weekend! Shawna and Garrett came over and we bbq'd and played rock band and had a fantastic time! Shawna took pictures because she is awesome- cant wait for her to blog them!!!

We ALSO had a great Father's Day. Devin got distracted because Lucy ate a rose bush (sorry Shawna and Garrett we tried to salvage and replant as much as we could) so he didn't get a chance to call his Daddy until this morning.

But we love our Dad's- whether we show it all the time or not
Us with Dev's parents at our wedding

Me and my daddy-o (this is TOTALLY us haha)

Well friends I guess I should go help husband- he is getting angry that Lucy keeps trying to lick his Magnum ice cream....

Happy Monday!!!

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