Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I belong at J. Crew AND The Northface

Can you be a girly girl AND a tomboy?

When I was younger I used to wear baggy jeans and sweatshirts and I NEVER (and I mean NEVER) wore highheels. I played softball and when my mom made me wear dresses to school I would scrap up my knees and tear my tights because I would play with the boys.

But THEN I was introduced to clothing that FIT, ballet, highheels, and MAKEUP (thank you mom). And ever since then I feel like I have been in both worlds (like Hanna Montana). 

And you know what? Its ok to like skirts and makeup and sports and exercise and shoes (nike's included) and camping and accessories. And its ok to want all of your sporting goods in PINK... Atleast that what Devin's says :-)


krista.frenzel said...

I TOTALLY agree Whit. I feel like you're the only other girl that I've met that's like this. Non of my girlfriends up here like to play sports and wear heels on the weekend. I miss you so much!!!

Whitney & Devin said...

Yay! I am so glad someone agrees!!! I miss you MORE! We need to hangout ASAP... as in... One of us needs to buy a plane so we can visit more often :-)