Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

At times I can be a bit crazy... Like when I thought teaching yoga at girls camp would be peaceful... zen... and uplifting... Boy was I WRONG friends. We were outside- burning HOT, the girls were exhausted from nights of no sleep, bugs were bitting, they had no mats, we were right by the zip-line (which I know I wanted to be on way more than teaching yoga at the moment)... plus they were all super giggly. What do you expect... we're girls?

No but seriously it was super fun and I wish I got to spend more time with those girls. I also taught the hair/skin/nails class that THAT was fun. We made bath salts, and I taught them everything I know... well... MOST things. There were some WEIRDIES there... like the fluffy (aka plump) chick who ate a whole BLOCK of cheese with ketsup for lunch... twice... (I was seriously beyond disgusted) and this creepo girl who got right up in my face and stepped on my freshly painted sparkle toes and said "AM I IN YOUR CLASSSSSSS!?!?!?" I had to ask her to BACK-IT-UP. I was only there for one day and I was beyond tired-Thankfully husband took me to get sushi and Izze's which totally made my day!

Yesterday we hung out with my parents in SLO which is an adventure in and of itself. I once again lusted in Sephora and made no purchases, AND we hung out with Shawna and Garrett! In case you couldn't tell we love them. We hung out at the beach and then we went to the Avila Barn.

Perfect afternoon. Husband also helped me make "4th of July" strawberries for our kids (since we can't bring treats next week due to fast Sunday).

And I am freaking out because fall registration has begun and to make a long story short, the school's data bases did not save me as being on the waitlist at #8 so I had to go back and re-add myself to the waitlist as #20... which means that most likely I will not be getting into that class... Boo... Good news is that I will probably get in to the organic chem. class. The bad news about that is that its a night class which we know I LOVE... extra Boo. But husband is super loving and supportive (as always... how did I get so lucky friends?) Anyway I know everything will work out!

Shoes: Macy's. Skirt:Gap. Top: JCrew. Sweater: Nordstrom. Headband: JCrew.

Sorry for the long winded post


Oh and have a good Monday tomorrow!


Emily said...

Your blog is so cute! Enjoyed reading it. :)

Liz said...

Wow, love that strawberry idea! I was JUST thinking what I should take to the 4th of July BBQ! Love it :)