Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-Uggs with shorts and/or skirts (There is this girl in my chem class and this is her daily outfit)... and I just don't get it
-Putting lotion on your hands before taking notes... then smearing ink all over your hand and paper
-The dude in chem who wiped his nose and THEN handed me a paper... Hey thanks for your mucus man....
-Seeing Mr. Pauly D hair boy at school today and wanted to take a picture (I HAD MY CAMERA IN HAND FRIENDS)... and I chickened out... But serioulsy you guys he looked like he had a "hair cereal bowl" on top of his head.
-Boys that have better hair than me...
I think Shaun White's hair is fantastic... plus I not to secretly want to snow board like him... which I think most people do.

-Telling someone your age and they say "No way! I thought you were like 18! Maybe 20!"... I just felt like saying "BLESS you child"
-Not having cable TV anymore. Honestly I don't feel like I'm missin' much an di get WAY more things done!
-My mom got me the Nars blush I wanted
-That today is basically my Friday
-The fact that hubby remembered that we met 3 years ago today and I didn't have to remind him :-)
-The other day when I said, "Hey honey... remember our wedding?" And husband said, "Yes! It was beautiful!" Awww....

Happy Friday tomorrow my friends!

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