Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!!!

Ahhh I am so excited that today is Thursday! I am SOOO ready for this week to be O.V.E.R. School was insane- but only 4 more weeks to go! Ugh, and today was just NOT my day. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!

-Deciding to walk the track during chem class breaks. (I get weird looks) Please think I am crazy. But honestly I get STIR crazy sittin' in that class for 4+ hours.
-Trying not to get wet by sprinklers on the way to class. Ok- 1,2,3, go NOW! It reminds me of double-dutch by in the day
-Husband salting slugs at 10pm... outside with a flashlight... salt in hand... "Love there are SO MANY of them!" Shhh honey I know but the neighbors don't need to know.
-Me saying to husband " you got it dude!" and he said "Aaannnnnd... thats enough Full House references" Me "Um, that was only one." Husband "Yeah, and it was enough" I guess I won't be doing any more Michelle Tanner impressions.
-My math teacher STARES at me. I mean... its awkward enough that he is maybe a few years older than me....
-The fact that I will now be carrying around 3 pairs of glasses to school... Um excuse me while I get the correct pair out... I feel like a grandma.
-Sneezing during a test
-Oh and coughing during a special musical number at church... Devin made me leave

-Playing rock band with Shawna and Garrett
-Husband letting me have the very first raspberry we (AKA he) grew!
-This saying that my new friend Geraldo told me, "You catch more flies with honey..." Geraldo "No fool you catch more honies when you fly!!!" HAHA Amen.
-I'm going to girls camp tomorrow! (I really hope this turns out to be awesome!)
-Magnum double caramel ice cream bars. I know I know... but seriously...
-The PIZZA that we will be having tonight!
-When husband says I'm beautiful :-)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also what is awesome is that finally my compter and blogger are allowing me to upload pictures!!!!!

You might be able to tell that I have been holding back some outfit pictures... sorry... but my silly compute wouldn't let me! Also... sorry about the weird bathroom shots... Husband wasn't around to take them...

Dress: Shabby Apple. Sweater: Express. Headband: JCrew. Shoes (that you can't see) Macy's.

Shoes: Marshalls. Jeans: 7 for all mankind. Top: JCrew

Shoes: Sperry. Jeans: Express. Shirt: True Religion

Jeans: Joes. Sweater. JCrew

I was pretty proud of my hair... minus the fly away

And my shoes today. They made me smile every time I saw them. And my 7's that I wore today had pink on the butt.. that ALSO made me happy :-)

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Ramsey said...

Tehaha...those pinkie shoes are awesome. As is the salting slugs story. I love those quirky things that you will always "remember that time we...".