Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-When I asked the girls at work, "do you ever weigh yourself holding charts and then... like... put them down... and re-weigh yourself... so you feel better?" I just got blank stares... seriously its instant weight loss its awesome! Haha
-Devin just reading my posts and correcting my spelling.
-Tonight when I wore cuffed pants (I didn't shave my legs today) and this girl told me she liked my shoes and I said "thanks!!!!!!" then I turned to Devin and said "gosh I hope she isn't staring at my hairy legs!"... embarrassing!
-The new Old Navy comercials
-The rumor that Prince William and Kate got a divorce??? Um.... no....
-When this patient at work told me "Well I met a new gentleman..."... I plugged my ears after that.
-Earrings that hang down almost to your boobs (hey they can be man boobs) -Que Frenchie from the Voice... I think her one's from this last Tuesday were a BIT much.
(terrible picture but its the only one I could find)

-I get to go have lunch with Shawna tomorrow! Love her!
- Tomorrow is my last day at SLIM (but its also kind of sad)
- I didn't have to cook tonight :-) Thank you graduation party (Love you Beasley's!)!
-I ordered more cakepops from my friend Danielle for my BYU-I party next week... seriously don't try the one's in Starbucks (sorry Starbucks) they should hire Danielle to make them.
-My husband- Honestly I can't get enough of him... Love Love Love... and his gourmet mac'n'cheese :-)
-Lucy killed a spider tonight... I hate them... Oh and Brandee killed one today too!
- My purple sperry's :-)
-Tomorrow is Friday!!!!
-And OPI shatter Nail polish....

(yeah sorry these aren't my nails... but they still looked super cool hehe)

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Ramsey said...

I have never had a cake pop! Would you believe it? I really need to get on making some of those little lovies!