Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Yay friends I finished my very first week of school and I rocked my first 2 exams! So very excited!

-My computer not letting me rotate and/or upload any of the pictures I have taken of my cute outfits this week! Boo!
-Locking yourself out of the house 1st day of school (THAT was super fun)
-Having a previous patient as your lab partner... sweet
-When your math teacher looks like he is 12
-The weird looks people give me because I carry a Disney Princess lunch box- get over it!
-This kid at school has a mohawk mullet????
-Thinking one of yur friends is at school with you (you are outside eating and you see said friend about 30 yards away) and you can't tell if it really IS her because her hair color is different (but who knows she could have had it dyed)- so you text friend and watch and see if "pretend" friend is really your friend... it wasn't... therefore I am a creeper
-Parking at the institute building (because you don't want to pay $20 for a parking permit) and having some dude say "excusem me but are you a MEMBER of the church?"... Me "Yes I am!!!!!!" Haha... take that!
-Having a guy ask you for gum-then asking you "why is EVERYTHING pink???" (I had a pink bag, pink lunch box, pink water bottle, and pink binder... and I was wearing pink... I guess it was a little much) Me.. "Um.. its my favorite color".... Dude "where are your pink shoes" Me "oh they didn't match" Dude "well.... you look nice anyway" K cool... um... thanks.
-This guy at school totally had Pauly D hair... I almost wanted to take a picture with him but I thought he might be offended.

-Driving the truck... And not even using a 1/4 of the tank this week!
-Not having people yell at you! This is amazing
-Getting compliments on 1. Wedding ring 2. lunch box 3. school bag 4. shoes 5.shirt = me rockin' the community college life haha
-Getting home EARLY and being able to walk Lucy, finish my homework, empty out the dishwasher, practice piano, take the trash out, do the laundry and making dinner ALL before hubby gets home.
-BYU-I party tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
-Cee lo's wig on the Voice this past week
-My spaghetti- If I do say so myself
-Being a wife :-)
-The sunshine we had yesterday!
-Um Prince William and Kate are coming next month!!!!!!!! EEEKKK!!!
-Devin Zufelt because he is fantastic :-)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

And this just cracks me up because Lucy is A. Refusing to look at the camera B. Waiting for me to pet her and C. She kina looks annoyed at me for bustin' out the camera again... And also because I had my hair in a fantastic bun that you can't see- so I just look bald.

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