Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!

-These ladies coming to our door (after an insanity workout nonetheless) and ask me "If you died today, God willing that doesn't happen, are you 100% positive that you would go to Heaven?" I looked at them blankly (um are we kidding here?) and I said, "Oh YEAH, I am GOOD in that department."
-The sign that Devin and I bought in Hawaii that was supposed to say "Please remove your shoes, Mahalo"... only to open up the "new" box when we get home and it actually says "PLAESE remove your shoes"...
-When Lisa at work realized that we knew that she was calling our computer program "BRAIN tree"... its really called "raintree"... I cracked up for like 10 minutes
-Going back to community college... I SWEAR I already have a degree... Its like the show Community (anyone watch it?) Where this dude says "I thought you had a degree from Columbia" and Jeff Winger says, "Yeah but they decided I needed one from America"... (only my degree is legit I promise)
-Getting wedding invitations from people you don't know- are you sure it has our name on it?

-Today when Lisa said, "You are like, internaly cafinated! You don't need coffee!"
-We are going to the Moterey Bay Aquarium this weekend!
-When husband held my towels by the heater so I would have warm towels when I got out of the shower... this is EXTRA awesome!
-Husband- 'nuff said
-Toms... honestly if you don't have any you are missin' out
-Princess and the Frog, Ratatouille, and Tangled= Happiness
-Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project"
-And my parentals come home tomorrow... thankgoodness because last night I found husband like this....

And I have to say I was a little Jealous... Yay for Friday tomorrow!!!

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Ramsey said...

Look at those puppy dogs! They are gorgeous!