Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-Uggs with shorts and/or skirts (There is this girl in my chem class and this is her daily outfit)... and I just don't get it
-Putting lotion on your hands before taking notes... then smearing ink all over your hand and paper
-The dude in chem who wiped his nose and THEN handed me a paper... Hey thanks for your mucus man....
-Seeing Mr. Pauly D hair boy at school today and wanted to take a picture (I HAD MY CAMERA IN HAND FRIENDS)... and I chickened out... But serioulsy you guys he looked like he had a "hair cereal bowl" on top of his head.
-Boys that have better hair than me...
I think Shaun White's hair is fantastic... plus I not to secretly want to snow board like him... which I think most people do.

-Telling someone your age and they say "No way! I thought you were like 18! Maybe 20!"... I just felt like saying "BLESS you child"
-Not having cable TV anymore. Honestly I don't feel like I'm missin' much an di get WAY more things done!
-My mom got me the Nars blush I wanted
-That today is basically my Friday
-The fact that hubby remembered that we met 3 years ago today and I didn't have to remind him :-)
-The other day when I said, "Hey honey... remember our wedding?" And husband said, "Yes! It was beautiful!" Awww....

Happy Friday tomorrow my friends!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I should be studying right now...

But I'm not obviously... Don't tell Devin... or my mom... or my sisters.... or... anyone... this is just between us k? Right now I am LUSTING over these ADORABLE watches that I found VIA The Daybook... I kinda have a "girl crush" on Sydney over there... but not in a weird way.

 She is super cute, BLONDE, tiny, and fiesty... I think we could be friends in real life. And she is the cutest pregnant lady ever!

But whats even more fabulous about Sydney is she shares her style secrets AND does give aways... and this week these little lovey's were up for grabs....

Go HERE to buy!
Go HERE to see the Traveling Triplets blog

And I have been DYING for 2 days to buy one... and I think today... I will cave...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Friends

I am a little sporatic (Clueless anyone?) in my posts (in case you couldn't tell)
I have a hard time sticking to one topic/ thing that I love.

For example, husband ordered me a few things from Amazon that I have sort of been obsessing over...

Essie nail corrector pen

Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30

Biggest Loser Family Cookbook AND he bought me the regular one too!

AND I finally made a decision on what dress to get for graduation (not from Amazon)

Eeeekk!!! When husband said he liked it... I knew it was the winner...

I am thinking yellow shoes... no???

Devin thinks I'm crazy (what else is new)... What shoes do you think would look great with this dress??? I am open to suggestions :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

The other night....

Husband and I were laying in bed... and husband turned to me and said... "Remember when we were in Hawaii." .... I had just been thinking that EXACT same thing... reminiscing of our Hawaii adventures....

These were from our trip in May.......... I think I am startin' to feel the travel bug again.... Actually our next adventure will be YOSEMITE!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

At times I can be a bit crazy... Like when I thought teaching yoga at girls camp would be peaceful... zen... and uplifting... Boy was I WRONG friends. We were outside- burning HOT, the girls were exhausted from nights of no sleep, bugs were bitting, they had no mats, we were right by the zip-line (which I know I wanted to be on way more than teaching yoga at the moment)... plus they were all super giggly. What do you expect... we're girls?

No but seriously it was super fun and I wish I got to spend more time with those girls. I also taught the hair/skin/nails class that THAT was fun. We made bath salts, and I taught them everything I know... well... MOST things. There were some WEIRDIES there... like the fluffy (aka plump) chick who ate a whole BLOCK of cheese with ketsup for lunch... twice... (I was seriously beyond disgusted) and this creepo girl who got right up in my face and stepped on my freshly painted sparkle toes and said "AM I IN YOUR CLASSSSSSS!?!?!?" I had to ask her to BACK-IT-UP. I was only there for one day and I was beyond tired-Thankfully husband took me to get sushi and Izze's which totally made my day!

Yesterday we hung out with my parents in SLO which is an adventure in and of itself. I once again lusted in Sephora and made no purchases, AND we hung out with Shawna and Garrett! In case you couldn't tell we love them. We hung out at the beach and then we went to the Avila Barn.

Perfect afternoon. Husband also helped me make "4th of July" strawberries for our kids (since we can't bring treats next week due to fast Sunday).

And I am freaking out because fall registration has begun and to make a long story short, the school's data bases did not save me as being on the waitlist at #8 so I had to go back and re-add myself to the waitlist as #20... which means that most likely I will not be getting into that class... Boo... Good news is that I will probably get in to the organic chem. class. The bad news about that is that its a night class which we know I LOVE... extra Boo. But husband is super loving and supportive (as always... how did I get so lucky friends?) Anyway I know everything will work out!

Shoes: Macy's. Skirt:Gap. Top: JCrew. Sweater: Nordstrom. Headband: JCrew.

Sorry for the long winded post


Oh and have a good Monday tomorrow!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!!!

Ahhh I am so excited that today is Thursday! I am SOOO ready for this week to be O.V.E.R. School was insane- but only 4 more weeks to go! Ugh, and today was just NOT my day. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!

-Deciding to walk the track during chem class breaks. (I get weird looks) Please think I am crazy. But honestly I get STIR crazy sittin' in that class for 4+ hours.
-Trying not to get wet by sprinklers on the way to class. Ok- 1,2,3, go NOW! It reminds me of double-dutch by in the day
-Husband salting slugs at 10pm... outside with a flashlight... salt in hand... "Love there are SO MANY of them!" Shhh honey I know but the neighbors don't need to know.
-Me saying to husband " you got it dude!" and he said "Aaannnnnd... thats enough Full House references" Me "Um, that was only one." Husband "Yeah, and it was enough" I guess I won't be doing any more Michelle Tanner impressions.
-My math teacher STARES at me. I mean... its awkward enough that he is maybe a few years older than me....
-The fact that I will now be carrying around 3 pairs of glasses to school... Um excuse me while I get the correct pair out... I feel like a grandma.
-Sneezing during a test
-Oh and coughing during a special musical number at church... Devin made me leave

-Playing rock band with Shawna and Garrett
-Husband letting me have the very first raspberry we (AKA he) grew!
-This saying that my new friend Geraldo told me, "You catch more flies with honey..." Geraldo "No fool you catch more honies when you fly!!!" HAHA Amen.
-I'm going to girls camp tomorrow! (I really hope this turns out to be awesome!)
-Magnum double caramel ice cream bars. I know I know... but seriously...
-The PIZZA that we will be having tonight!
-When husband says I'm beautiful :-)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also what is awesome is that finally my compter and blogger are allowing me to upload pictures!!!!!

You might be able to tell that I have been holding back some outfit pictures... sorry... but my silly compute wouldn't let me! Also... sorry about the weird bathroom shots... Husband wasn't around to take them...

Dress: Shabby Apple. Sweater: Express. Headband: JCrew. Shoes (that you can't see) Macy's.

Shoes: Marshalls. Jeans: 7 for all mankind. Top: JCrew

Shoes: Sperry. Jeans: Express. Shirt: True Religion

Jeans: Joes. Sweater. JCrew

I was pretty proud of my hair... minus the fly away

And my shoes today. They made me smile every time I saw them. And my 7's that I wore today had pink on the butt.. that ALSO made me happy :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The big king bed

Only had ME in it last night. A. Husband had a launch. B. Lucy is NOT allowed in the bed with me (or at ALL for that matter... although husband did let her in the first time I was away from home). Husband tentatively should have been home around 4am if everything went well. Alas, I awoke to no husband and WORRY. Fear not friends, he has been at work since 10pm last night and they have until 9:01am this morning to launch it.... which means he will probably be at work until 10am. At least wifey can rest easy that he is OK just probably a little tired.

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog with uber-fun posts lately... School is kickin' my boo-tay right now. But it will all be worth it. For as busy as I have been I STILL am jones-in' to have a J.O.B. Meh, maybe I'll get over that.

I am also sad to say that while I have been wear cuuuuuuuuuuute outfits everyday to school- I have not taken pictures since the first 2 days (and my computer won't let me post them) Ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sorry this post is only words- no pictures to show today.... Blogger won't let me upload any... booo

Good new is... I just heard hubby's launch go off :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lush Monday

One of my favorite places to visit when we are out of town is a little shop called Lush

Yes... I know I have blogged about it before... but I LOVE it. And tonight was a Lush night.

After our Insanity workout I washed my hair with this little baby...

When I first saw this product... I thought.... sea salt??? On my HAIRS??? You're jokin' right? No my friends... It makes your hair SUPER soft... I am forever converted

Then husband drew me a nice little bubble bath :-) 'Cuz I'm spoiled.
This is one of my best friends when it comes to baths. It seriously makes the BEST bubble E.V.E.R.  Moisturizing. Smells fantastic. I was in Heaven.

We had a fantastic weekend! Shawna and Garrett came over and we bbq'd and played rock band and had a fantastic time! Shawna took pictures because she is awesome- cant wait for her to blog them!!!

We ALSO had a great Father's Day. Devin got distracted because Lucy ate a rose bush (sorry Shawna and Garrett we tried to salvage and replant as much as we could) so he didn't get a chance to call his Daddy until this morning.

But we love our Dad's- whether we show it all the time or not
Us with Dev's parents at our wedding

Me and my daddy-o (this is TOTALLY us haha)

Well friends I guess I should go help husband- he is getting angry that Lucy keeps trying to lick his Magnum ice cream....

Happy Monday!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Anyone ever used to watct that on Fridays? I did. After ballet class. Mom and I would get taco bell (because we are SUPER healthy) and I woud watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch in my leo and tights... THOSE are good memories :-)

Today was/is a GREAT day!

I got EXTRA cuddles from husband which totally started off my day in the right direction! Husband said he is proud of me and that I should have a relaxing day today because I deserve it  :-)

My morning was fantastic! Seriously I couldn't have asked for it to be better. Lucy and I met my friend Heather and her little man Parker in Avila and we all did the Bob Jones tail. I had so much fun. She is an amazing mother and I could have kept on talking to her for hours! But Lucy and Parker were both tired.

THEN I went and had my eyes checked (my dad is an optometrist so that made it pretty easy). I have been having the WORST time trying to see the board in class even with my glasses on. And guess what friends???

I need glasses for in class and for studying... AKA I need glasses for both up close and far away (which means I need 2 pairs with different RXs). Dad goes "its ok its just one more accessory!.... or we can just give you bifocals???" Um... no thanks I think I will just get a new pair of glasses (he he he - evil laugh) which didn't take long... wanna see which ones I got???

Come on you KNOW you love them! Big and dorky are totally in!
My dad couldn't believe how much my distance vision changed... Oh and guess what else??? I got to do the glaucoma testing on my dad and THAT is super fun. You know when the eye doctor gives you that little puff in your eye...???

THEN I had lunch at Natural Cafe with my friend Sarah

Isn't it just so fun to eat good food and girl talk???

Today has been so great and its not even over yet.... Although I am a little bummed the BYU-I party isn't happening tonight... but it will still happen friends!

And to add to my excitment

Shawna and Garrett are coming over tomorrow :-)
I am sooo lovin' today.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Yay friends I finished my very first week of school and I rocked my first 2 exams! So very excited!

-My computer not letting me rotate and/or upload any of the pictures I have taken of my cute outfits this week! Boo!
-Locking yourself out of the house 1st day of school (THAT was super fun)
-Having a previous patient as your lab partner... sweet
-When your math teacher looks like he is 12
-The weird looks people give me because I carry a Disney Princess lunch box- get over it!
-This kid at school has a mohawk mullet????
-Thinking one of yur friends is at school with you (you are outside eating and you see said friend about 30 yards away) and you can't tell if it really IS her because her hair color is different (but who knows she could have had it dyed)- so you text friend and watch and see if "pretend" friend is really your friend... it wasn't... therefore I am a creeper
-Parking at the institute building (because you don't want to pay $20 for a parking permit) and having some dude say "excusem me but are you a MEMBER of the church?"... Me "Yes I am!!!!!!" Haha... take that!
-Having a guy ask you for gum-then asking you "why is EVERYTHING pink???" (I had a pink bag, pink lunch box, pink water bottle, and pink binder... and I was wearing pink... I guess it was a little much) Me.. "Um.. its my favorite color".... Dude "where are your pink shoes" Me "oh they didn't match" Dude "well.... you look nice anyway" K cool... um... thanks.
-This guy at school totally had Pauly D hair... I almost wanted to take a picture with him but I thought he might be offended.

-Driving the truck... And not even using a 1/4 of the tank this week!
-Not having people yell at you! This is amazing
-Getting compliments on 1. Wedding ring 2. lunch box 3. school bag 4. shoes 5.shirt = me rockin' the community college life haha
-Getting home EARLY and being able to walk Lucy, finish my homework, empty out the dishwasher, practice piano, take the trash out, do the laundry and making dinner ALL before hubby gets home.
-BYU-I party tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
-Cee lo's wig on the Voice this past week
-My spaghetti- If I do say so myself
-Being a wife :-)
-The sunshine we had yesterday!
-Um Prince William and Kate are coming next month!!!!!!!! EEEKKK!!!
-Devin Zufelt because he is fantastic :-)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

And this just cracks me up because Lucy is A. Refusing to look at the camera B. Waiting for me to pet her and C. She kina looks annoyed at me for bustin' out the camera again... And also because I had my hair in a fantastic bun that you can't see- so I just look bald.