Sunday, May 15, 2011

The first day in weeks that I wore my hair down

Was today at church. I didn't take a hair dryer, curling iron, or any other hair do-ing related products to Hawaii with me... other than a brush :-)

Needless to say I am NOT excited about returning to work tomorrow :-( Boo. I am also NOT excited for hubby to go back to work. Its been nice having him around all the time... 'cause I love him long time.

Did you know that I now have a new baby nephew? Yup! My schmister had a little baby boy on Royal Wedding day which made it EXTRA fun. His name is Deacon and I love him already. Almost makes me want to have a baby... ALMOST...

Husband and I have started doing the "Insanity" workouts. Ever heard of them? MUCH less creepy than the P90X dude. We have done 2 workouts so far and loving it! Check em' out HERE

(Please excuse the ruffle not laying flat in this picture)

I also bought the NEW Biggest Loser cook book! I made my first recipe tonight... and so far I am a fan! (recipe to come tomorrow... or soon... or whenever I have time)

Um and how much are we loving that summer time is here??? Even though it rained for days in Hawaii we wore our bathing suits and sandals everyday... and our floppy touristy hats.

Also... you can imagine how excited I was to see this lovely thing hanging waiting for me this morning :-)

Dress: Shabby Apple. Shoes: Macy's. Headband: JCrew

Happy Sabbath :-)

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