Sunday, May 22, 2011

Devin's B-day Weekend!

Woohoo my hubby had a birthday! I was SUPER excited to be HOME for this birthday! Last year we were in Colorado for some "gaurdian challenge" thingy and I didn't see Dev until like 11pm on his birthday :-( No fun! This year we both had to go to work but I tried to make sure that he started it off the right way....

I woke up at 5am (my usual time for Friday's) and I made my birthday boy a little breakfast in bed :-) These little babies are chocolate hazelnut stuffed french toast! Find the recipe HERE

And instead of hot chocolate I made him a cup of hot vanilla malted. Recipe found HERE It was so yummy! And a nice break from our usual hot chocolate!

I woke hubby up about 10 mintues before his usual time and he was NOT happy that I woke him up.... THEN he was worried that I was late for work... THEN he realized that I had made him breakfast in bed :-) Priceless...
(hubby trying his had at "outfit posing" hehe)

His present? FLYING TIME! He was soo happy! That night after he got home from work we went and ate at Burrito Loco (birthday boy request), saw the new Pirates movie, and had birthday cake!!! (Cold stone red velvet)

Then yesterday we got to go to the temple :-) It was such a fantastic morning... words cannot express how thankful I am that we were there yesterday...

Then we went SHOPPING (haha duh right?) The traffic was terrible! But we still had fun! Hubby got a snazzy watch at Barney's that was orig. $300 and he got it for $11... steal!

And... JCrew was having a 40% off sale... I couldn't really help myself...

Church was gooooooooooood... Dinner was goooooooooooood... don't want to go to wooooooooork tomorrow :-(

But more in love with this cute face than eva... Love you Devin!!!!

Hubby's outfit~ Shoes: Cole Hann. Pants: Nordstrom. Shirt: Banana Republic. Sweater: Banana Republic. Belt: Penguin. Tie: Penguin.

My outfit~ Shoes: Macy's. Skirt: J Crew. Sweater: J Crew. T shirt: Downeast basics. Headband: J Crew (it sparkles for those of you who can't see it).

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