Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-This lady today asked me if the Nurse Practioner's 9 year old son was MINE!?!?!? Um... do I LOOK old enough to be his mother??? Um... no...
-If anyone were to see us doing the crazy insanity moves...
-Going to the church building last night AFTER an insanity workout (and after a shower thank you very much) without makeup on and seeing the kids I teach at church... I could just hear them thinking "Oooo what happened to you?"
-Wandering around the grocery store (especially a store you haven't been to before) looking for something and there is NO one around to help you but all the other customers look at you like "Is this your first time to a grocery store?"
-When I found out one of my favorite blog authors is pregnant and I exclaimed to Devin "THE DAYBOOK IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!" And he said "Um, doesn't she have a name?" And I said "Uh............ Yes HER name is Sydney... but her husband AND her make up the daybook and his name is Tyson... so Sydney+Tyson=Daybook and they are BOTH having a baby"...
-That the world is supposed to end on Saturday at 6pm??????

-Going to see Pirate's 4 tomorrow!
-Tomorrow is Friday!
-Getting to go to the temple on Saturday
-Getting flowers from our boss today :-)
-The dinner I made tonight from the biggest loser cookbook :-)
-Day 6 of the Insanity workouts!


Courtney said...

Whitney! I love you! It sounds like you have a pretty fun life! I'm going to be celebrating my daddy's birthday tomorrow! Don't party too hard!

Ramsey said...

Come share some of your workout energy. Like with me. Like now. Pretty please??? Happy Birthday to your hubs!