Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-The time mom said that she fed the homeless man her left over fried chicken...and then never saw him again...
-When the lady at church mistakenly called me the PREGNANT girl... um... do I look impregnated?
-This past Tuesday when the patient cussed me out... that was super fun
-Shopping at buffalo exchange- those girls that work there just glare at me like I don't belong.
-Having not ONE but TWO dogs following you around everywhere... I ended up closing my door so I could get some alone time
-Eating super healthy all week and then CRAVING fries, cheezits, CHOCOLATE and then recognizing that its the week before your period... boo :-(
-Hearing your voice on the radio... do I really sound like that?
-When the patient today told me that she had a disfunctional sphincter of oddi...??? I had to google it.

-Three day weekend coming up
-Hubby said we could have pizza for dinner tomorrow (and NOT the home made kind! AKA I don't have to cook and we can be bad eaters hehe)
-I WON tickets to the Monterey Bay aquarium for next weekend on the radio :-) And hubby said we could go! And that was one of our very first adventures together :-)
-I get to go have lunch with my bro-ski tomorrow!!!
-My biggest loser cookbook... AMAZING (hubby even went back for THIRDS last night)
-Insanity is making my huuuuusband look soooooooooo good ;-) WOOHOO!
-Tomorrow is Friday!
-This cute commercial

Anyway hope you guys have a fantastic Thursday! I just painted my toes this amazing shade of pinky/organge... perfect for summer! And... I quit my job to go to school full time for PA school pre-reqs... And I just might need to take a vote as to what to wear on my first day. K. Love you. Bye.

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shawna said...

Okay a few notes.
First- I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!!! Its just sooo darn cute!!!
Second- You do NOT look impregnated!
Third- YOU QUIT YOUR JOB?!??!?! That definitly falls under the awesome category!
Fourth and most importantly- We need to hang out soon!