Friday, May 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!!! I'm back!!!!!!!

HELLO my lovely's (or do you spell it lovelies??? You KNOW what I mean right?)!!!!!!!!! Have you MISSSSSSSSSED me? (nod and smile friends) K cool I missed you too! BOO for blogger for messing up my usual Thursday Awkward and Awesome's but fear not my friends.....

-When hubby and I went to bed bath and beyond yesterday and there was this run away cart and I sprinted to catch it before it hit something and I yelled in victory "I SAVED US ALL!"....
-That time over Thanksgiving break were hubby, mum, sister and I went to see HP and the deathly hallows P1 and we were the first people in the theatre and we were CONVINCED that it was in 3D so we asked the ticket lady for the glasses and she looked at us weird but gave them to us anyway and we took pictures and posed in them and everything and then when the movie started it took all of us about 10 mintues to realize that the movie was NOT in 3D.... Hubsand looked around and had to inform us that no one else had 3D glasses...(and yes that was the LONGEST run-on sentence ever haha)
-The chick at Shark's Cove in Hawaii who totally stripped down and changed out of her underwear and into her bathing suit right on the beach... classy.
-Going back to work after being gone for 2 weeks (boo hoo)
-When we went to dinner at this one resturaunt in Hawaii and I told the waiter that I wanted the Ahi salad and he said "no you don't!" and I had to keep assuring him that YES I DO want the salad.
-That time that wave made me crash into the rocks in Hawaii and I hit my elbow and I swore I had a huge bruise and gash... and I didn't.
-The fact that I went to Hawaii and I don't have a tan... you can just SEE the looks on people's faces when we tell them thats where we went. #1 it was raining the MAJORITY of the time we were there and #2 I wear SPF because I don't want to get cancer... duh.
-When Devin and I were walking back to our hotel in Waikiki and there were these (a-hem) hoochie girls with this stumbling drunk guy and he kept muttering "ATM, ATM, ATM" and one of the girls screams "There go one ba-bay!"
-That I got a blister (gross) the first day we were there from my flip flop... and I ended up HAVING (seriously it was not by choice) to buy crocs... atleast they weren't these little babies....

... uh... yeah... The End.

-How stinkin' cute/sweet/amazing my man is... seriously I can't get enough of him... he is currently building a work bench with his own bare hands (old spice comercial anyone?)
-Hubs and I started the INSANITY workouts yesterday
-Our vacation... seriously even though I got sick... it was fantastic
-The Marc Jacobs sweatshirt that was orig. $250 that I got for $40... boo-ya
-When I put on my new shabby apple dress and hubby said "Wow, love, you look AMAZING!"
-The biggest loser cook book I bought! The rest of the month is filled with BL recipes! If they are good I will share :-)
-That its Friday and that is the only day I worked this week
-The lunch hubby and I had at Sally Loo's today in SLO... if you haven't been there GO and get the Sir Thomas turkey because its amazing and all natural 
-And this picture of our huge tourist hats....

Anyway friends its good to be back! I will posting about our adventures soon.

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