Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I have been thinking....

About SHOES!!! Duh, what else right? Well today I was thinking about FAVORITE shoes. So I asked my friends on facebook what their favorites were. It was super to fun to read their answers... but it got me to thinking about what my favorites are... and I decided that my favorite shoes are "situational" if that makes sense.... ya know... like my favorite pair of shoes depends on the situation...?... With me so far? So here are some of my favorites....

1. Everyday work/wear with scrubs.
Because they are PINK, comfy, and go with most of my scrub-a-dub-dubs. What IS embarrassing is one time when I worked at a pre-school this little 4 year old said "Miss Whitney we have the SAME SHOES!!!" Meh- whatever...


Truebalance by Newbalance. You really are only supposed to wear these when you walk... but they are even more awesome when you wear them to work out. My calves and boo-tay are thanking me.

3. Weekend casual

Black Rainbow flippers. Because I live in California and flip-flops are acceptable... EXCEPT for weddings, church and any other more formal occasion.


Pink Sparkle Toms, because they are awesome.

4. Date night shoes (depending on where we are going but let's assume its somewhere nice)

Jessica Simpson heels. Black, high... need I say more?

5. Fancy schmancy occasion (which doesn't happen all that often for me)

You knew I was going to put these up huh? Hehehe... I just can't help myself... they are fabulous.

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