Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(Oh Kim Kardashian. Your hair, make-up, rockin' bod, and fashion sense make me heart you)

Have you heard a more fantastic word today than that!?!? My friend Noelle got an order from this company today and posted a picture and just from the NAME I knew I had to check it out! Not ENTIRELY sure I will be purchasing from them because they charge your credit card a whoping $40 each month whether or not you buy something BUT I am super excited about my "style profile" quiz thingy that I did. You see... lately I have been wondering what EXACTLY to define MY style as... and I think ShoeDazzle hit the nail on the head....

My style is. Refined. Cultured. Classic.

Aren't those words FABULOUS!? I love them :-) Especially CLASSIC.

According to ShoeDazzle....
"Your sense of style is absolutely classic, and equally classy. You are polished and put-together, and sometimes a little bit preppy (DUH!). You're drawn to equestrian influences and nautical styling, and even when you're casually dressed, your look is very considered. If you were a shoe, you'd be a saddle leather riding boot with brass, bridle- inspired hardware."

And GUESS what are sittin' in my closet at this VERY moment...

Saddle leather riding boots with brass, bridle-inspired hardware.

Its weird when a "quiz" can pin-point you... Needless to say I recommend taking this "fashion survey" becuase it certainly has me pinned :-)

Go HERE to test yours!!!!

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