Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Prince William

Dear Prince William,

As I watch you marry Kate Middleton right now, I know its for the best. You were my first love (sigh) but alas It would have never worked out between us... And besides, I got married FIRST (so HAHA!!!).


These were the days when I was convinced I would move to England one day and you would fall madly in love with me and I would become a princess. I wrote letters to you at Buckingham palace (seriously) and yet I never received a reply. I had a poster of you in my room, and an entire book about you that I would read over and over again. But I gave you up for a better man (sorry! I know you're a prince and all...) You were cuter in your younger days... that bald spot is getting bigger by the minute so its a good thing you chose to get married now. If I had to give you up to anyone... I'm glad its Kate :-) She is stylish, graceful, good mannered... and a BRUNETTE!

Perhaps one day you and Kate and Devin and I could be friends. After all... You're a pilot, hubby is a pilot, and Kate and I could basically be BFF's and share clothes. So for now, that is my new dream... that we will all become BFF's some day. Sound good?

And now I have stayed up WELL past my bedtime to watch this blessed event and its everything I hoped it would be :-)

My wedding predictions:
Kate would wear a long sleeve dress, reminiscent of Grace Kelly's. No tiara arriving at the Abbey but leaving with one on. Large bouquet of flowers. Hair up.

What she actually wore:
A long sleeve Sarah Burton dresses VERY reminiscent of Grace Kelly's :-). TIARA! Small bouquet. Hair 1/2 up 1/2 down.

I don't think I can stay up any longer... Afterall... I have to get back to living my OWN fairytale :-) Wills and Kate... good luck with yours!


P.S. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are the cutest couple!

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