Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nowhere in particular...

Friday night was fantastic! I was a little tired so I was probably less fun than normal but I still had a blast. Our friends Shawna and Garrett came over. They are the BEST... when Shawna starts her blog you MUST read it k? Its funny how we start off as a group of four and then Shawna and I break off from the boys while they talk about "boy things" and we talk about way funner things like blogs (haha) and clothes, and shoes...etc. We've done that a few times whilst we were walking to nowhere in particular... I think those are the best walks. We ate tons of food and watched episodes of "perfect couples" and laughed... bomb. 

Then on Saturday hubby and I drove to Camarillo to celebrate him actually getting a pay check (thank you government for deciding to PAY those serving the country... really appreciate it). They have the BEST outlets there. I mentioned to hubby that next time we really should just FLY there because it would cost just as much AND it would be faster (did you know that hubs is a pilot? hot right?). And guess what we saw? A PLANE crash! Yup. Right behind where we were shopping. Lucky all 4 people walked away (with injuries of coures) but no one was killed thank goodness. This is what we saw...

I kid you not we were on the other side of those trees.

Today was a great Sunday! I made veggie omlets for breakfast! My kids were fantastic in Sunday school (THANK YOU!!!!!) I got to sit next to a young person in Relief Society (YAY!) and I got to hold the cutest little man!

Serioulsy I didn't know if me and Boston were going to be friends at first because the first 2 times I met him, he screamed and was grumpy. But today, we became buds and he fell asleep right in my arms. I like them when they're all cute and cuddly like that :-)

I think I heard about 5 times things like "you look good holding a baby" or "he likes you!" or "when will it be YOUR turn!?" My response? 5 years! I have to go to P.A. school people! But for now I can enjoy lovin' and snugglin' other peoples babies

. Especially my new nephew who is due at the end of this month! In fact he will be born on the Royal Wedding Day! How fantastic is that? K well I'm pretty excited ;-) I think I am a GREAT Aunt haha becuase I'm the "fun" one right?

Sweater, skirt, necklace: Jcrew. Tank: Downeast basics. Shoes: Madden Girl.

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west coast girl said...

#1- hurry over, boston is good!
#2- i am so glad that you shared the outfit info- i love love love your style girl!
#3- hold on to that 5-year goal... just love it and cuddle it... cause it will grow up on you one morning and you will be wondering where it went!

ps- we want to hang out with you guys and the matthews... you know... young let me know when you guys have a night free.