Monday, April 11, 2011

Little peeved...

This was by far one of the craziest Monday's I have experienced at S.L.I.M. (that doesn't include FLU season Monday's).

But honestly, today after seeing the people we see at work and talking to my mom about people who we know who simply just won't work.... I... Am... Mad. Because my mother taught me to have a STRONG work ethic I will NEVER be above working here....

Because I will never take undeserved handouts. I will never mooch off of other hard working people. And I would never NOT work because I am holding out for something better. And those of you who are on disability and SHOULDN'T be... SHAME ON YOU! If you can answer a phone you CAN WORK! There are people working at Burger King who have every reason and right to stay at home (because they are genuinely disabled!) but they are out there contributing to society. It makes me sick the types of people who feel entitled to things in this life. It disgusts me. No one owes you anything. And you should not be able to take my hard earned money because you are lazy.

End. Of. Story.

On a non-ranting note... hubs wanted me to ask who else wants a mini giraffe after seeing that one direct tv commercial? Please tell me its not just us....?

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Ramsey said...

Oh my gosh....oh my gosh oh my gosh! Is that not the cutest, most incredibly thing ever??? I melt everytime that comercial comes on! And I'm so in Cali as soon as you say the word haha!