Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Hello dear ones... miss me much? Nah didn't think so :-) BUT here is what I was up to this weekend.... (get ready for a long post... sorry!)

WOOOOOOOORK... but only in the A.M. After I decided to adventure to Forever 21... and I have a confession- I have NEVER bought anything at Forever 21 (I KNOW! CRAZY!) and I Friday I learned that I probably never will. The clothing is cheap (which I guess is the basis of its appeal) the store is horribly organized, the fitting rooms are always packed, and I end up just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and then I leave... this has happened about 8 times. Luckily Old Navy made me feel better (I hadn't bought anything THERE in about 4 years). My amazing hubby took my mommy and I out on a date that night :-) We had dinner at Mo's BBQ (good bye Hawaii fitness)

And guess what the Easter bunny brought me??? TANGLED! And...

Glasses that match my Mom AND my sister's :-) (nicole miller)

Then hubby took us girls to see this movie....

It was good... except I wasn't really feelin' it between R.Pat and Reese. August was AMAZING and Rosie made me want a pet elephant.

Mostly ran errands... OOO I ran in to my friend Kirsi at Macy's and that was a nice little surprise to my day! But that night we had some cute friends over for dinner and egg coloring... and I have no pictures... because I suck... sorry.

Husband wasn't a big fan of my Easter outfit... and frankly neither was I because I was having an "I feel fat" day...

Skirt and sweater: JCrew. Pink T: Downeast basics. Shoes: Madden Girl

And because he is the cutest... hubby's outfit stats. Shirt: American Eagle. Tie: Dillards. Slacks: Gap. Shoes: Coach. Belt: I don't know... sorry haha

We made an egg hunt for our Sunday school kids (they are attitude prone teenagers so who knows if they appreciated it or not but we had fun) and we got them the CUTEST cake pops from my friend Danielle... check out her blog HERE and they were fantastic!

Then we went and had Easter dinner with my family.

 My mom and Paula Dean should be best friends. Can you tell we are related???

 Then we went to the Easter Cantata that our church was hosting (mom played the organ and she was amazing)... And then we came home and Devin's cuddled me :-) because he loves me.

Happy Easter!!!

PS After this Thursday or Friday I won't be posting for 2 weeks... just a heads up. Don't think I am abandoning you my loyal followers :-) Just going on Holiday.

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