Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Devin's toys

Did I tell you that someone hit my car? My parked car? In my work parking lot? On a Friday?... Well... it happened! Lets just call that the cherry on top eh? BUT my little Charlie bug (my car, and no its not a bug its a corolla) is being fixed and going to be as good as she was before by tomorrow.

Guess what I have been driving though?????

Brody meet friends, friends meet Brody. He is our truck. Our BRAND NEW truck... actually its DEVIN'S brand new truck. (we bought him in November he is a 2010 tundra... loaded) And I get to drive it because 1. my car is in the shop. 2. my dad let us borrow his truck while my car is being fixed and its a stick shift and 3. I can't drive a stick shift... Actually I can drive a stick I just DON'T like it. I think its kinda like geometry... When am I ever going to use it?

Plus I am enjoying the satelite radio, the back up camera, and the new car smell :-) Hubby was a little nervous to let me drive his baby. I rocked it though. Must my poor little corolla REALLY be fixed? I think I need a new car. White 2011 Elantra fully loaded please!?!?! There aren't any in California. Boo. We've been looking for months.

In other news.... this is what my living room looked like this evening....

This little baby was waiting for us on the door step when we got home. Lucy already loves it. Ahhh the toys that boys love :-) don't worry my next post will be about something more fantastic like shoes ;-)

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