Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some people can relate to that one Taylor Swift song where she sings, "She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers..."

Yeah.... um... not me. You see, I WAS cheer captain (along with Erica and Courtney love you guys!). And tonight when Devin and I went to Righetti to watch the boys volleyball game it brought back lost of High School memories (and awkwardness). Ah the ol' guy and girl interactions. It just cracks me up now. But mostly... I made me miss cheering because honestly it was awesome! I kept turning to Devin saying "WHERE are the cheerleaders!?!?" and "There NEEDS to be a half time show." and "they definitely NEED some pom-poms here."

I enjoyed High School because I had great friends and lots of fun times... Like going TPing and stunting to get the TP higher up in the trees. Classic. Feeling a little nostalgic for my old Alma Mater. So in memory of the "good ol' days" enjoy a pic from the past...

Check it out friends... the early days of NHS Cheer... This picture just cracks me up!

Devin and I agreed that I will be one of those crazy sports mom's with all the school gear who paints her car on game days and cheers for my kids. And Devin will be the
dad pacing the sidelines getting frustrated at all the bad plays (aka side line coach).

Happy Tuesday!!!

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